Communication: Keep it Open

Maybe it comes from inside of me, or above, or in the genes, but language and communication just seem to be my ‘thing’. There wasn’t always a time I could express myself so freely and willingly, both on paper, on-screen, and with the spoken word. I would freeze at the thought, sweaty palms, and be crippled with anxiety. But I will never lose the enjoyment of the power of words. Not over people, but to empower people, to give people inspiration, and bring some light to others.

Ok, back to life, back to reality. In all truth, we don’t talk enough and we need to open up to each other. I will never understand, even at the mere age of twenty-one, how we cannot seem to have open, non-judgmental, non-confrontational conversations with one another.

I love differences, I celebrate differences and I willingly hold my hands up and say “look I don’t get your way of life” but I always ask to hear about it, because I want to understand and empathise. It isn’t about evangelising or forcing my beliefs upon someone else, it’s about me speaking my truth, and them speaking their truth.

It instantly struck a chord with me and I realised how much my own language learning has helped me to express myself, explore myself and the world, and play at different personas and moods, all the while dealing with my mental state. While speaking another language allows you to escape the mental reality, it also forces you to just get on with life and open your mouth.

We hope you Sheeples enjoyed reading this piece written by Jyoti Jain who is one of our fellow Sheeples and an amazing writer at that. We would also love to hear your thoughts about this topic, about how we too should celebrate differences and learn from each other, help each other and communicate more openly.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we shall see you next time!

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